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    Turner & Associates has been in business for over thirty years. During that time we have offered design / build services for a variety of projects across many disciplines. We offer design services to address customer ideas and concepts to bring them to functioning solutions and have the shop facilities to build a one of a kind item, prototypes, and do short run production.

    We build fine furniture, cabinets, speaker enclosures, display and presentation boxes, mounts and display hangers for art and artifacts, custom hardware, storage systems, video motion rigs, camera and lighting rigs, industrial and commercial machines, museum and trade show displays, jigs and fixtures among other projects. We also restore or duplicate old hardware, locks, and other mechanisms. If you need assistance with a project please feel free to email or call to see if we can be of help.

    We have a machine shop, a wood shop, and manual sheet metal equipment. We work with an array of other shops for welding, sandblasting, plating, powder coating, electronic controls, foundry work, and items that are outside of our in house capacity.

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